Crystals From Oxford

Cleansing Sage and Palo Santo Bundle with Selenite Stick


This beautiful bundle is perfect to cleanse your workspace, living environment, yourself and your crystals.

Sage - Sage has been used for hundreds of years to banish negative energy, cleanse your space, aura, energy home etc and it kills 94% of airborne bacteria. Along with this is is used in spiritual practises, rituals and can cleanse energy of crystals, tarots etc.


Palo Santo - Smells incredible and is 100% sustainably sourced from Peru. This Holy Wood’  Purifies, cleanses & heals. Bringing in to your home positive energy & light.


Selenite Stick - This selenite stick can be used as a tool to cut energetic cords that have attached themselves to you and built up over time. Some people have the ability to drain us without the intention, with the selenite stick you can use it like a light sabre around your body to cut all cords. Selenite is perfect for clarity when you need to calm and think clearly.



Be conscious to never leave flames or flammable products unattended or near children, ensure this embers are cooled and left in a fireproof container.

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