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EMF protection for mobile devices (shungite disc)


Add a shungite disc to your mobile devices for protection from EMF and Wi-Fi.

Shungite is a lusturous rock mineral made from mainly carbon and first discovered in Shunga, Russia.

The carbon makes it lighter then most other crystals and also gives it a beautiful metallic black colour.

Shungite is a great purification crystal and also has healing and grounding properties. It can also be used to amplify psychic power and cloaks you from bad energy, specifically electro magnetic frequencies, It absorbs and neutralizes radiation frequencies effectively blocking those harmful rays and protecting the body from their dangerous effects.

The EMF radiation protection properties of Shungite come from the fullerenes it contains in its composition. 


The rock mineral has numerous proven benefits. It’s important to emphasize that any health-related decisions you make should be made after consulting with a medical professional. If you are pregnant or have an existing condition for which you are taking medication, please speak with your physician first to discuss any adverse effects the rock might have on your existing condition.

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