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1kg of Magnesium Flakes


1kg of bath flakes in resealable packet.


Magnesium chloride flakes make the skin feel so smooth and is good for general wellbeing. Can be used as a scrub too if mixed into your normal body wash.


Bath Rituals Using Salt

An Epsom Salt or Himalayan Salt bath can be the ultimate relaxation and allow you to release tension in your body, improve blood flood and enhance skin health.

*The salt is highly effective in clearing your aura and relaxing your muscles before sleep.

*Light some candles, put a large cup of salt into the bath water along with an essential oil of your choice (4 to 6 drops of your favourite).

*Before you get in you might like to bless the water, connect to your heart and thank the water for cleansing you, for loving you and be thankful you have this beautiful relaxing water.

*Set your intention for this bath, is it to heal you? Is it to release energies or feelings that? I am ready to recieve healing and clear my energy of any negativity...

*Soak and relax for 20 to 40 minutes.

*As you watch the water leave the bath imagine the water taking your unwanted energy and feelings down the plug hole.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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