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DISCOUNTED BY 10% due to error in the January monthly spread.
The month was supposed to start on a Saturday, but I started it on a Friday. The rest of the planner is correct, daily dates are correct, it is just 1 monthly overview spread thats affected. 


MADE FOR THE PLANNERS AND GO-GETTERS - for those who want to achieve all they set their minds to while making time for self care.

Say hello to 2022 Daily Planner - a day-a-page planner with a focus on time management, motivation, organisation and getting it all done.

It’s a light planner that loves adventure and will happily travel with you anywhere.

Specs: 178.5 x 125.8mm size (7 x 5 inches), 470 grams. 100 gsm thick pages.
27mm wide.  Black cotton cloth cover with gold foil.

✦ Day a page layout
✦ Yearly, monthly overview
✦ Daily self care check in section 
✦ Top 5 monthly priorities
✦ Daily affirmations reminders
✦ Space for note taking
This is lovely used in conjunction with the growth planner.

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