Crystals From Oxford

Bespoke Chakra Balancing Crystal Set


Are you feeling low, tired or wanting to feel calmer at this moment in time?

Meditation and energy balancing can improve your mindset and help you to focus on a resolution to the emotions causing you stress. These chakra healing packs are cleansed before being sent to you so you know you are receiving only positive energy.


Understanding the chakras

Chakra is the sanskrit word for "wheel", chakras are energy centres that are located throughout the body, these crystal packs are to focus on the 7 main ones.




*Solar Plexus






There is an instruction leaflet included in the pack on how to charge the crystals and use them.


 (These crystals are natural products so may differ slightly from the pictures.) 


**please note this does not include the neals yard sample sachet or tourmaline chip bracelet.  

***Chakra healing crystals are no substitute for medical conditions so please do not stop taking medication prescribed for you by a medical practioner.


You can add a stick of sage to the pack to cleanse your home or work environment helping to remove stagnant energy or add sage and an essential oil.

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