Crystals From Oxford

The Starseed Oracle 53 card deck


S T A R S E E D 🌌

An old soul, you may feel like you have lived past experiences in other places other than just earth.

Is the veil thinner for you or thinning for you? If you are feeling the calling towards your lifes purpose maybe these cards can be the support towards your souls path.

These cards from @rebeccacampbell_author are the most beautiful Oracle cards. Such incredible artwork from .

The box is multipurpose holding the cards in a triangle formation, the connection between the unlimited universe and the groundedness of the earth.

I sat with the cards to get a feel for them and these ones resonated with me, especially my connection to @oxford_floatation_centre and the therapies we provide there. 💧💙

If you have any questions about them feel free to dm me.

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